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Welcome to the first volume of the Encyclopedia Anterra, which contains knowledge from the Era of Awakening. Join us as we release weekly articles retracing the Warriors of Norora’s epic journey.

These links may help you better understand where we are in the story.

Anterra is a varied and vast world, but at the start of their journey the Warriors knew very little of it. So in keeping with that spirit, we will release articles about the places they go in a style similar to how they would have known it!

Many powers dotted the world back then. They were found in any size pursuing any motive. We profile some of those which changed the world here.

From the Staff of Grayvoth to the Third Eye’s Watch we have assembled the best information available about the powerful and the mundane here.

Of course you cannot hope to cover the Era of Awakening without discussing magic! Hopefully you will find it interesting how powerful and mysterious the spells we use every day were back then..

Out-of-Game Information, House-Rules, etc.

Main Page

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