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  • Staff of Grayvoth

    h3. Staff of Grayvoth The heroes knew very little about this staff, except that it was broken into four pieces and dark forces are willing to to kill to assemble it for it's power h4. The Orb of the Sky The first piece to the staff is [[The Orb …

  • The Orb of the Sky

    h3. The Orb of the Sky This is the first piece of the [[Staff of Grayvoth | Staff of Grayvoth]] which was retrieved by the Warriors. Upon making contact with [[:krius-arinos | Krius Arinos]]'s skin, it allowed him to see a vision of Norora burning …

  • Magic

    To start we will just be covering notable magic seen by the warriors: h3. [[Teleplacement Circle]]

  • Teleplacement Circle

    _Conjuration, ritual only_ A circle is traced in white ash and a combatant enters and thinks of a place they have been. When a being hostile to them enters the circle, they are both teleported to the place in question along with all creatures in the …